Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Wexton Too Extreme for the 10th

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Wexton Too Extreme for the 10th

Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton (D) claims to represent the 10th congressional district as a moderate seeking broad-based appeal to win in this swing district. Yet, following repeated unanswered inquiries to her office over a period of six months, I finally received this response regarding her position on the impeachment of the President of the United States: “I am very concerned by... [his] disdain for the law" and claims, with unwavering confidence, "ten separate attempts…to obstruct justice” and “links between the Trump campaign and the Russian government“ despite facts to the contrary. She states that "firing FBI Director James Comey" represents "the president’s flagrant disregard [for the law]" and as evidence of "normalizing of authoritarian tactics" despite the President's constitutional authority to appoint and remove members of the Executive Branch. Members of Congress have a moral obligation to help educate constituents using facts. Yet, nothing she writes in her response is objective nor factual. Rather, the position she takes is full of immature, emotional dribble and a series of extreme talking points fed to her by the Democratic party. Jennifer Wexton is not the moderate she pretends to be when elections roll around. The 10th Congressional District deserves strong, independent-minded leadership and Jennifer Wexton has none of what we need. This is one of many positions that she has taken that are too extreme for the 10th.

Please, check for yourself and do your homework. We can do better.

Ethel Pascal

Great Falls